Welcome to Pakora Hut, a restaurant that will connect you directly with Incredible India.

You are about to experience the rich Indian culture and traditions, that make harmony with nature and inner being, through the vegetarian delicacies and breathtaking aromas.

We proudly serve you with the spices and ingredients directly from India.

Our focus and mission is to bring you an absolute superior customer service in an environment that feels like home, with attention to all details.

From my family to yours, Buen Provecho and God bless. – Mike Katyal (Founder)

Bio of the Founder
Bio of the Founder

Born in North Indian state of Punjab. Raised in a Sikh Family (family that believes, loves and practices God and humanity as one). Studied through 10th grade before emigrating to the US in 1984.

Settled in Los Angeles in 1985. Studied religion for three years while going to Burbank High School and then briefly at Glendale College. To support my family, I started working at age 16 and simply fell in love with working and learning from the street. Against my parents will, I became an entrepreneur in 1987 and left College to pursue business. Started PGS 360 on June 1st, 1989. It started as a local delivery service provider of general commodities.

By 1995 PGS 360 was a national service provider with locations in three states- CA, IL and NJ. 26 years later PGS 360 is a Global Operation with locations in the US, El Salvador, Costa Rica and India.

Married in 2002, had 5 kids. Then Divorced in 2009. Very close to my children and involved in their lives daily.

In September 2013, through the grace of God, I became a vegetarian. With focus on healthy living, the path led to the organization of Pakora Hut in late 2014. For me, it’s a gateway to serve humanity with a main menu of vegetarian dishes.

Since satisfying our clients is our number one goal, in May 2017 we have included to our menu exquisite Chicken and Shrimp, dishes made from the amazing recipies of North India. Come and enjoy the spices and aromas from North India.